Elisha Halpin

Embody Your Purpose

Are you ready to make an IMPACT and create a LEGACY?

New Group Program:
Embody Your Light
Begins October 2021

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It is time for Lightworkers, Intuitives, Teachers, and Creatives to STEP UP and IN!

It is time for a massive SHIFT, CHANGE, and TRANSFORMATION to support awakening humanity on a larger scale. 
You came here to be part of that AWAKENING
And you need to better equip yourself in BEING THE CHANGE

Now is the time to EMBODY YOUR LIGHT 
And I would love to show you how! 

Join me for my 3 month Embody Your Light group program where I will teach you to harness and channel your own energy as light so that you can truly re-source yourself and make a greater impact as you serve in the world. 

Embodying your own Light that is what will finally allow you to create and live the highest vision for your life with authenticity, clarity, and fulfillment. 

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