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Start with a daily, self-connection grounding meditation practice. 

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What if the whole point... is simply to love yourself?

Are you ready to fully love yourself and your life?

The Radiant Temple was born out of the desire for a program that was rooted in process and experience, while guiding women to step into a profound sense of empowerment and understanding of their worth.


 When you remember who you truly are through uncovering your connection to your deep inner self, you cannot settle for a life that doesn't fill you up. 

When we, as women, live fully, we are lit up and in turn, we blaze brightly in the world. Your wild radiance is innate, and it is time to shine, Sister! 

Are you willing to cultivate a radiant life from the inside out?

In The Radiant Temple You Will:

Open to the power of living in process through the cycles of the moon.

Explore the power of self growth through working with archetypes instead of trying to fix or change yourself. 

Connect to the power of sisterhood by healing wounds of competition and comparison. 

Experience the potency of transformation through being held, supported, and guided by Divine Feminine principles. 

"The Heroine’s Journey is to come home to herself, and to fully seat her Soul in this body, in this life. It is a journey She makes over and over again. Her path is one of integration, melding, forming, releasing, and emerging into being-ness. It is a beautiful spiral."

Elisha Halpin

The Radiant Temple is the external container that mirrors your internal temple. 

Entering this group is not just joining something; it is the beginning of choosing a new way of living, growing, and engaging. 

The Radiant Temple is part of the path to your most radiant life, a life that is SOUL-full and beautiful, brimming with choice, and engaged in process at every level. 

In the Temple, we engage the lens of Soul to explore our body, mind, emotions, and energy. 

Through the practice of the Heroine's Mystical Journey, we dive into ourselves to unmask our fears, remember our truth, and activate our authentic expression.


The Radiant Temple is a supportive container to grow and transform. A sisterhood to practice the Heroine's Mystical Journey work in a practical, applicable, way. You don’t have to go it alone. You will be held through the process of applying the work to your specific life situations for transformation. 

This is the beginning of your path to shift from fear to loving you! When we do this work together and lean into the support available, more growth is possible than you ever imagined. You will learn real, practical practices to grow in self love, acceptance, and understanding. You will develop tools to meet all the waves of life as they come. 

There IS a different way to be in this world! 

Change IS possible, and life CAN BE more fulfilling when you are in LOVE with YOU and accepting of ALL OF LIFE!

Is ready to release the depletion, disappointment, and disconnection

The Radiant Temple is for the Woman Who...


"Working within Temple has given me the framework, courage, and knowledge to face my past trauma, even ancestral trauma, see it through a lens of love and acceptance, and move past it. I see this tough, gorgeous work winding its way through the generations of my family, and I know that is why I am here." Deva

"What I appreciate and have gained from being part of the Radiant Temple and the Deep Dive Circle, has been a more disciplined focus. Before the temple I felt like my energies were not as directed and focused as I needed it to be and I didn’t know how to get there. Now the temple work has opened me up to a consistently grounded way of moving in my intended direction." Sharyn

"What I have gained from being part of temple is sisterhood-- a safe circle of women I feel connected to although we have never actually met in person. The work has opened me up to ways of practice I didn’t know, ways to look inward, to love mySelf more. Always learning. Always exploring. Opening my heart and mind and soul to Truth. To Calm. To Love. Of mySelf and of the universe. It was always there; it opened it fully to awareness." Nicola

"The Radiant Temple and the Deep Dive Circle has opened me up to Trust as a way of life. I now remember the spark within me that, before my work here, I thought had been smothered or blown out. This powerful work, done alongside a group of Radiant Sisters, illuminates the synchronicities in all of our lives. With every new day, I am able to more freely claim my power to shine." Edy

Are you ready for a new way of being in the world?

In this work we take nourishment from traditional practices of living in cycles, the practice of meeting all of life as medicine, and the wisdom from archetypal patterns to deepen into what it means to be a modern spiritual woman. 

Through the lens of The Heroine's Mystical Journey, this work bridges the old knowings and the new learnings, applying ancient wisdom to modern living and creating a practical framework of transformation to live from. We engage embodiment through the work with our energetic, emotional, mental, and physical bodies to create opportunities for growth and transformation. 

Moving from honoring the traditional into the modern innovative way of soulful living, is the truth of the new divine feminine spirituality and this Heroine's Mystical Journey.

➸ Join Us In The Radiant Temple 

Temple Sisters

Online Global Sisterhood

The Experience

➸New Moon Circle Ceremony ➸Full Moon Circles Ceremony ➸Chakra Clearings and Activations

➸Healing Meditations

➸Sister Connection Calls

➸Secret Facebook Group for support, accountability, inspiration, and sharing  

What You Receive

➸Teachings and Information on the Archetypes, the Heroine's Mystical Journey, and Chakras ➸Journal Prompts


➸Special offers and first access to retreats, workshops, masterclasses, and working with Elisha Halpin and Megan Moore

What You Gain

➸Stronger connection to you Deep Self

➸Activating and engaging the Divine Feminine Archetypes ➸Developing your inner wisdom and intuitive powers ➸Understanding, creating and living a transformative process ➸Greater capacity in living and expressing your truth  

The Radiant Temple is a sisterhood built on the mission to bring women from all over the world together to practice authentic engagement, empowered living, and transformational growth.  

The Temple is the creation of Elisha Halpin and is facilitated by her, along with Megan Moore.  

We believe that all women are expressions of the Divine Feminine nature and that by empowering ourselves, embodying our wisdom, and expressing truth, we can begin a revolution that takes self healing into world healing.  

In the Temple we:  

 ~ bring ritual and ceremony into context for contemporary life

~build community by practicing trust, discernment, authentic connection, witnessing and vulnerable sharing

~practice divine living for the modern-day woman who is also claiming her place as a priestess, mystic, and medicine woman

The Radiant Temple is not affiliated with any religion or organized dogma. All beliefs and paths are welcome.

➸ Join Us Deeper Inside The Temple 

Radiant Soul Mystery School


The Experience

➳ Soul Embodiment and Essence Connection

➳ Ritual as the Bridge of the Inner and the Outer

 ➳Embodiment, principles of somatics, and neuroscience
 ➳Deepening your walk in the Mystery through learning and living the Universal/Hermetic Laws

What You Receive

➳ Learning in Advanced  Energy Work including Chakras, Archetypes, Sacred Sight
➳ Personal Transformation and Connection to your Purpose 
➳ Understanding of Mystical Spiral 
➳ Understanding your intuitive nature

➳ Developing your Intuitive Intelligence

What You Gain

➳ Expanded consciousness and greater access to your full capacity

➳ Self-knowing beyond fear and doubt 
➳ Entering the Mystery and Magic of life for transformation
➳ Authentic expression and creation through the Divine Feminine Energy
➳ Dynamic embodiment of your Soul’s Essence