Your weekly retreat practice for living in the magic of cycle. Recordings delivered to your inbox.


The Igniting Magic Package contains 4 potent hour long practices for you to use as a weekly retreat of ritual time to re-connect with your inner MAGIC and REMEMBER who you are.


Designed to be done once a week, these hour long practices make the perfect deep dive into the embodiment of your innate magic.


Anchored in the practice of active 3-part breathing, these sessions also include some gentle movement, tapping, and embodiment practices. The sessions were recorded live, and designed as a magical series to take you through the full process of a complete cycle.


Flowing, Dreaming, Illuminating, and Releasing  - this set of 4 creates a container for you to experience the support of being held through process and nourishment to return to again and again.


Make a powerful commitment to yourself and feel the magic activated in your life. Or you can gift this magic to a loved one to invite them into deeper magic too! 

Ignite Your Magic