Tips on Living from the Inside Out

I often have a conversation with myself each morning after meditation about what I need that day. I start the conversation not from what I have to do but from what I need. After I check what I need on deep support I ask myself what I will need to thrive and stay centered while doing what must be done that day. This is also where I do my bargaining with myself "If you go to the post office before work you will be able to go to the coffee shop for longer after work..." (I hate the post office!)

I get to know my day from the inside. This keeps me connected to me when life erupts all around me. Since I began this practice I am much more likely to do what really needs to be done, not engage in schedule sabotage or overdoing, or fall into a unhelpful distractions that deplete me.

This practice has also built my trust with myself. Just like I had to win my stray kitty over because he needed me to show him consistently that I would love him (by letting him lay all over my computer) but then also let him go back outside when he wanted...I have to show myself I will listen and then follow through with meeting my needs.

Building this trust with myself was amazing and now I rest in it. I ACTUALLY BELIEVE I WILL TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I have gone from the stories of "I don't know how," "I just can't do it," and "I don't know my needs." To meeting my needs and believing I can and will put my needs first.

BUT it is a daily practice and continual process.

Some journal or inquiry prompts for you:

~What could you begin to help you connect more deeply with yourself BEFORE you enter the fray of the day?

~How can you or will you build trust and tease yourself out into the light?

~What would it feel like to really believe in your relationship with yourself?

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