The Magic of Embracing All of Yourself!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

There is immense magic of embracing your disowned and discarded parts. For me, this is what “healing” means.

Over the past few years, I have been in inquiry about where in my life the statement on the picture is real and where do I need to make it a living invitation.

There were parts of myself that I had embraced. Parts of myself, I have been able to mature and hold fully.

And there were parts held in the victim, stuck in sabotage, or dis-membered by the bully.

And it is those pieces of me that I began to welcome home to my heart so they too can be fully embraced and held in my highest light. I met the disowned, discarded, and dismembered parts of myself that I needed to remember to move from wholeness.

One of those pieces that I am still learning to embrace is what in the shadow gets held as the “Too Much Girl.”

She has been called a snob and someone who thinks she is better than others. She’s been told she’s too loud, too big, too ambitious, too dominant, too bossy, too demanding, too controlling and on and on. She has felt too fat, too awkward, too different, and too lost to belong to herself or anywhere else.

But the Too Much Girl holds a lot of my genius. She even in shadow has been my confidence, my belief, my able-ness to begin again and again. My place feeling there is more than suffering to experience in this life. I am grateful for my Too Much Girl and all the learning she has provided, especially in these years of calling her home into my heart and metabolizing the shadow.

And as I have embraced my too-muchness, the sharp edges of armoring have dissolved. What is left of her is the beauty of my passion, my depth, my enoughness, my boldness, my blazing commitment to my truth, my ability to express authentically.

It is in reclaiming your disowned pieces that you will meet your infinite capacity and sacred Self.

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