Inviting the Pleasure...Here...NOW!

I am out of my element, out of my comfort zone.

AND, it makes me see things I would normally not see...question what I would have been too busy to be curious about, and seriously question living life by a to do list.

As we have moved from maiden into mother energy, completing the thawing of spring equinox and entered the dynamic time of blossoming through Beltane, I have been opening myself to more pleasure, joy, and bliss.

My process into engaging pleasure is such a perfect and confusing endeavor when all of my normal and real life has been stripped away this past week. How can I find pleasure, I don't even know where to buy laundry detergent? The inquiry into pleasure forces me to see all the ways I am so oriented to work hard and first, to stay small and manageable, to make sure everyone is ok before I even consider looking around for a glimpse of joy or bliss. Maybe once utilitarian ideals are met I might get around to seeing if pleasure is around. hmmm, curiouser and curiouser it is down this rabbit hole.

So, today I decided to make a new choice and I asked myself 'what would you find pleasurable?'

I took a cab instead of trekking up the hill. I left part of my bread on my plate from my sandwich. I wandered until I found the perfect pub. I wrote in gold ink. I didn’t check my email but twice. I pretended not to speak English when being pestered and practiced my super duper impassible German. I took cheesy photos of buildings and streets I liked.

Now here’s what was interesting...this is actually pretty normal behavior for me, including speaking nonsense with bad accents in languages I don’t actually speak.

The difference? My embodiment of my pleasure while doing it. I smiled unselfconsciously. I didn’t worry that I should be doing something productive and sensible. I didn’t make a list of to dos while taking pics or rush through the process. I remembered this freedom to be ME and the pleasure I find in being ME in all my silly, awkward, too serious ways. So after remembering, I re-membered this place within that my critic likes to keep closed off (she can be such a downer :) ) so that this pleasure code is back online.!

So note to self-that I am so willing to share with you dear Sister-is that pleasure is there, HERE, waiting to be invited in. It’s not out of reach. It’s not meant to be separate from life. Our Shakti is an integral part of ourselves and essential to our healthy holistic living.

Here are three simple tips to start inviting pleasure into the moment:

1. INTENTION IS THE WAY! Set the intention to FEEL all the feels, the good, the pleasurable, the less than stellar. Can all of life be invited? If you tend to live in your head start bringing the emotional body into the equation. If you live by disconnect start by connecting to the moment. If you live more on the negative/stressed out side begin to let some things be ok as they are, good even. And if you tend to only need to see the good (let’s not talk about the negative stuff) well this stress response is a bypassing (often a highly developed freeze or flight response) and secondly come into connection with reality and find the light and beauty in trust, not in negation of all.

2. INDULGE YOURSELF A LITTLE! Make your favorite meal or grab some champagne and berries. Flood your senses. Put on some music that makes you feel, turn down the lights and light up some candles, open the windows or sit on your patio. Drink and eat slowly. Enjoying. Savoring. Noticing. Let your spine move. Let your pelvis rock. Wiggle your fingers and toes.  Find some oil and massage your feet, your hands, your breasts. Enjoy being in and with your body!!

3. ENGAGE PLEASURE NOW AND WITH WHAT IS ALREADY HERE! Check out your daily schedule and ask how can I bring some pleasure or even some fun to each thing here? We often want to wait to get to pleasure after we do the work on the list. When I was hiking through the airport with my large suitcase and overly heavy backpack (I am a high maintenance diva after all!) I decided to remember the trek was not to get to my destination but that the trek was the most important part of the day at that moment. I slowed and noticed the weird attempts at art, interesting clothing choices on fellow travelers, and I took breaks. The breaks were pleasurable and so the walking become less onerous. It was just part of what was happening not just something to get over with so I could move on with my life. It was my whole life while I was doing it.

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