Happy Birthday Month to Me! 42 things I learned in this my 42nd year

1. I can travel for a weekend with just a backpack. This feat has taken 42 years to accomplish.

2.     Failure doesn’t always look like letting go/leaving/quitting. It often looks like staying in places that I have outgrown.

3.     That I never have to defend myself.

4.     Saying “sorry” to alleviate my perception of other people’s projections about me or uphold good girl protocols is actually worse than lying for my energy system. It takes me right out of my center.

5.     Speaking of other people’s projections about me, I have learned that I will NEVER be able to understand why certain people perceive and project certain stories.

6.     And moving from that I relearned many times that other people’s opinions of me are not my business.

7.     That I am MUCH stronger than I could have ever known.

8.     I also relearned so many times that I married an amazing man who continually surprises me with his depth to grow, meet my craziness, and is supportive.

9.     That my inner circle might be small but it is MIGHTY, and their love and support for me moves mountains.

10.  That self-doubt must be met every step of the journey.

11.  The journey begins when you say YES to the possibility.

12.  This ever-present moment is always worth living into even when my ego doesn’t like what has arisen.

13.  Resistance is futile.

14.  Just follow your Soul! Like always...

15.  Stop asking WHY and trying to make “sense” of life. Senses are feelings, not cognition.

16.  Just let it all fucking flow already!

17.  Feelings are meant to be felt.

18.  Most of us would rather stay in our unworthiness than become self-responsible and radically free.

19.  AND that my heart breaks again and again when I meet the person who cannot [yet] choose to meet themselves.

20.  Letting go is much easier than we want it to be.

21.  Surrender and vulnerability are more potent than we want them to be.

22.  We are more powerful than we ever wanted to be.

23.  Travel is still the best way for me to change my norm and transform my consciousness.

24.  Having a soundtrack to my life is essential. Thank goodness for Spotify.

25.  I am way less tech-savvy than I pretended in my 30’s.

26.  I don’t mind gray hair or laugh lines, but chin hair is a no go.

27.  Forgiveness and grieving do happen in the timeframe my brain wants to control.

28.  All roads really do lead to Rome. And even when you have to take the long way to get to [your] Roman destination, every part of the journey is the point.

29.  Saying YES to life is a truly big adventure indeed.

30.  I don’t understand Television programs in any country.

31.  Daily practice is the essential ingredient for a joy-filled life.

32.  Self-love is a choice that must be made again and again.

33.  Meeting your fear and learning to support yourself is the only true self-care.

34.  Living fully is the best way to honor your ancestors and lost loved ones.

35.  Courage is the most essential skill we can cultivate.

36.  And real Courage is letting your heart lead everything, especially your mind. 

37.  Having clotted cream tea is terrific medicine for your Soul.

38.  Spending your money in small business, especially when they are owned by your friends, feels so good!

39.  Speaking truth is nothing about spewing reaction, blaming, or really about speaking a thing at all. And it is everything about coming into complete connection with your aligned vibration.

40.  I have a great capacity to endure. And when I remember that it’s my life to create, I can release the need to engage in so many things that need enduring.

41.  Being able to exercise Choice is the biggest show of whether you actually love and have confidence in yourself.

42.  Cleaning up boundaries and energy leaks in relationships sucks, but it’s so worth it on the other side.

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