A Love Note To You Dear Sister

What my dear sister would I say to you if we could sit down for an hour or so for coffee or wine? What would I say if I could say anything? What would I want you to know that presses on my heart and wakes me up at night?

What do I so deeply wish you knew?

From the depths of my heart while stare into your eyes I would say to you that You Can!

You can have a life you love, you can let go of the shame and guilt that keeps you from connecting to your power, you can find your center and authentically express your creative nature. I would say you can see your worth, you can love yourself, and you can let others love you. I would say you can feel the anger and still be okay. You can rage against the system and be a good mom. You can love your children and let them meet their battles so they grow. You can say no. You can let go of trying to have and  do it ALL. And you can feel, all the feels and still keep going. You can go a little mad on the path to healing. AND  you can heal from everything.

You might ask how I know this, what are the steps, and why am I telling you this?

All very good questions. I know this because Dear Beautiful Sister I’ve lived it. I am living it. I am the same as you. So I know if I CAN then YOU CAN.

The steps are simple,

and hard,

and messy,

and small,

and big,

and all about beginning over and over again.

The steps are about integrating through acceptance and letting truth into the places you thought you had to dis-member. The steps are the re-membering of all your parts, the layers, and membranes. The steps are all the steps of the rest of your life. The steps initiate the process where you recognize and reorient to the truth that you are whole and divine.

Which brings me to the part about why am I telling you this. Why does this message keep me up and burn so deeply in my heart.  I see so many women living out a story that does not include that they are divine. They don’t recognize they are the ONE. They are searching and selling themselves and giving themselves away to feel good enough. Women are playing a role in the system that keeps them enslaved to powers outside of themselves because they don’t recognize they are a queen. Healing isn’t selfish. Self care and self love are actually the most compassionate acts of service you can give the world. When we remember our wholeness we can serve from this place. We can help the world evolve. We can be who we came to be.

Sister this work is revolutionary. And it starts with simple acts, cutting through your bullshit, and letting go of the good girl/should girl persona. If I could treat you to a bottle of red or venti americano I would share with you that my heart calls me to gather women so we remember we all can and that when we are we are not alone.

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