Your weekly retreat practice for living in the magic of cycle

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Are you ready to IGNITE more MAGIC in your life?

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YOU, Dear One, are made of the same stuff as the stars!

You are magic in the flesh!

Are you living from this Knowing?


It's time to experience your infinite, cosmic nature, right HERE, within the beauty of your physical form.

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The Igniting Magic Package contains 4 potent hour long practices for you to use as a weekly retreat of ritual time to re-connect with your inner MAGIC and REMEMBER who you are.

About these practices:

Designed to be done once a week, these hour long practices make the perfect deep dive into the embodiment of your innate magic.


Anchored in the practice of active 3-part breathing, these sessions also include some gentle movement, tapping, and embodiment practices. The sessions were recorded live, and designed as a magical series to take you through the full process of a complete cycle.


Flowing, Dreaming, Illuminating, and Releasing  - this set of 4 creates a container for you to experience the support of being held through process and nourishment to return to again and again.


Make a powerful commitment to yourself and feel the magic activated in your life. Or you can gift this magic to a loved one to invite them into deeper magic too! 

Flowing Magic 

Dreaming Magic 

Illuminating Magic

Releasing Magic 

What you receive:

  • Welcome and Introductory Video with Companion PDF 
  • 4 Full Video Recordings of the Practices
  • 4 Full Audio Recordings of the Practices
  • PDF of Deepening Prompts for processing


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Flowing Magic 

The perfect place to begin your cycle! You can begin this practice with the New Moon, or in Week 1 of your spiral, cycle, or anytime you need a new beginning.
In this class, we welcome magic as our foundation for life through practice and choice. We meet the places we are holding our magic and our practice as separate from our everyday life. We breathe back to center allowing our foundation to be strengthened by our choice to engage in practice and the overflow that naturally then infuses our life with magic.
We practice not to retreat from life, but as a restoration so that we can bring the flow and our own innate magic into every moment. Together we will powerfully connect your heart and your head, opening the channels of communication through deep and nourishing breath. 

Dreaming Magic 

Like the moon grows in her waxing phase, we too begin to build in our fullness when we lean into our dreams and desires for ourselves by amplifying our inner magic.
In this practice, we begin to learn to land fully within ourselves in stability, to then make aligned choices as our mobility takes us into the world. We play with the harmony that can be harnessed from the creationary spark as new life, ideas, and dreams begin.
We explore the dynamics created from friction as a force of magic that helps us to build momentum in our lives as we embrace opportunity and possibility.
This is the perfect class to take stock of what you have created, and open to what you desire to create in your life as we play in the possibilities of the space between. 

Illuminating Magic

This class is a deep dive into the physical body to Illuminate your magic from within. The Moon's fullness can provide a mirror to our own fullness as we shine bright in our illumination.
As we open and tap into the wisdom of your body, we bring awareness to any numbness, stuckness, and stagnant energy that is ready to be freed.
Together we process through what you have been holding, ignoring, or unaware of that is ready for full illumination. Through imagery, symbol, and sensation we connect to the higher waves and frequencies that your body is calling for right now.
This is the perfect illumination practice when you are ready to deeply listen and reveal the magic whispering to you from within your body. 
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Releasing Magic 

As the Moon recedes, she teaches us to take this opportunity to release, take stock, and reset to begin again. This could be used in preparing for a new season, a new phase of life, or the next cycle of the moon.
Together we powerfully reset, clear the deck, and make space for what has never been. We explore transitional energy and what is available in your life right now.
This practice is a reminder that life rarely goes the way we think, but when we let go of expectations and preconceived ideas, we make space for getting deeply in touch with the magic that is actually available in the here and now of each moment.
This class provides support during endings, transitions, and nourishment during all those in-between places in life. 

It is time to IGNITE your



Divine Feminine Channel for the Practices:

Elisha is a Wayshower, Modern-day Priestess, and a Soul Alchemist. She is a channel of the Divine Feminine codes and Soul Embodiment. Through the teaching of Radiant Embodiment, she invites you to become the fully present living Soul through the chalice of the human form.