Embody Your Soul

Let's get radically rooted and move the magic!

Embody Your Intuition

Embodied Intuition is the function of subconscious intuition.

This goes deeper than gut instincts or asking questions. Embodied Intuition allows you to keep your intuition pure, away from the contamination of the clinging attachments, shoulds, and interference from conditioning

Welcome to the (R)Evolution in intuitive development. 

Upcoming Free Events on Insight Timer

3/5 9am Embody Your Intuition-Types of Intuition


3/20 10am  Embody Your Intuition-What is Intuitive Intelligence


3/27 10am Embody Your Intuition-Is it Fear or Intuition?


Dancer in Sunset

Coming Soon

Self-Study Short Course 

Spaces for the 1:1 Embody Your Intuition open in April. Email contact@elishahalpin.com to register interest. 

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