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Radiant Breathwork

Meeting the Magic in the Moment

Thursday Mornings

9:15-10:15 am

through Frequency Mind

There is magic in each moment. Breath is what carries the elixir of life into our system. By placing our attention on the breath, we shift our consciousness and tune ourselves to new ways of being. This being-ness is what directs our experience of life. We can take the reigns in opening to the magic and shift in our life experience into one of pure love. Get ready to ignite gratitude, wonder, and awe.   This class is for everyone especially seekers of truth, magic, and bliss.

Drop-in $22

@ The Nine Folds Festival

Online September 19-20

What if there was a deep wellspring within waiting to be tapped so that it could flow?

What if inside this Well, there was a sacred Chalice waiting for you to discover it? 


In this workshop, we will work with the symbols and metaphors of the Well and the Chalice as the way to access and cultivate our Yin and Shakti energies. We will focus our exploration in the Heart and Sacral chakras as we open to the inner landscape. How might these symbols and metaphors become a script to allow us to open to great flow, creation, and receiving? We will use breath, movement, chanting/singing, writing, and drawing to dive into the Well and retrieve the Chalice waiting at the bottom. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will feel tapped into creative flow and sacred inspiration. 

The Well & The Chalice:

Diving Deep into the Inner Landscape

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