Embody Your Soul

Meet yourSelf in your depths and unleash your power!


My greatest joy and honor is to mentor, teacher, and Priestess for sacred leaders, creators, and visionaries to embody their Soul, open to the full expression of their sacred medicine, and to know themselves as their own holy ground.

I am a shapeshifter alchemist who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to ignite transformational change.  

My superpowers include being able to see the Soul truth and the root wounds, guide the process of integration, and the ability to facilitate that process with love, lots of laughter, and joy.

Much of my work centers around

➵the spiritual path that was awakened for me in pilgrimages in Ireland

➵my journey into and out of autoimmune disease, self-loathing, and striving for external success

➵my passion for leadership models that move from sacredness

➵my explorations of energy work, self-love, and empowerment

➵the evolution of consciousness

➵embodiment and Soul

➵Intuitive Intelligence and the Hermetic Laws

I am a tenured professor with over 20 years of teaching, mentoring, and leading in higher education. I hold an MFA from The Ohio State University. I am  Certified in Life Coaching, Neurosculpting Meditation, Reiki, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Yoga, and Dancing Mindfulness. I am also a certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and Intuitive Intelligence Teacher through the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. At the Institute I also serve as the Teaching and Learning Coordinator and a Lead Mentor for the Third Level Priestess Training.

Elisha Halpin is a leader, teacher, author, mentor, and speaker who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to open the path for women to step into the transformational changes needed to live their most glorious life. Elisha is a Wayshower, Modern-day Priestess, and a Soul Alchemist. Elisha’s work calls you to claim your birthright of radiance and live as the full authentic you. The basis of her work is Intuitive Intelligence, energy science, Neurosculpting, and somatic embodiment including movement and breathwork. Elisha holds an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography with a research focus on autobiography and archetypes. Elisha is a tenured professor and embedded faculty at Penn State's Arts and Design Research Incubator where she works on somatic and mindfulness-based interventions for leaders, teachers, and professional care-givers. Elisha is also the Teaching and Learning Coordinator at the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Through the Institute, she serves as a Lead Mentor for the Third Level Program and runs the Advanced Trainer program- Intuitive Intelligence Embodiment.   



Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics compiled by Elisha Halpin for Elisha Halpin Inc. and the programs and services offered therein.

“My vision is for humanity who has remembered their sacred nature and lives in connection to the fullness of that sacredness. I do this by training sacred leaders, visionaries, and creators to embody their soul and knowing themselves as their holy ground.”


As a bi-racial woman who has always lived both "in the middle" and "on the edges" true belonging is a core value in the spaces I create. You are most welcome here as you are. And while specific programs might be tailored to specific populations, there is never an exclusion based on race, racial identification, sexual orientation, age, or able-ness. Scholarships and work-study opportunities are a regular part of the offerings.

Responsibility to Client:

The welfare and well-being of my clients and students is the highest priority. This includes respecting the client’s physical/emotional state and guaranteeing there is no abuse through actions, words, or silence and that the therapeutic relationship maintained and no boundaries are traversed even outside the scheduled sessions.

Every session/class with a client is an opportunity for transformation. The commitment to holding fierce compassion coupled with the highest vision is the guiding scaffold. I employ sacred sight and an understanding in all client work that I cannot know the fullness of the Divine Plan for their life that they committed to before this life. I will perform my role to scaffold their exploration for transformation and to support my clients’ capacity to heal themselves by providing the highest vibrational and optimal environment/container.

I commit to clear and upfront communication with my clients, from initial agreements, to proper preparation, through follow-up and integration. This aids in the process's framework and invites the client into the appropriate structure of creating the environment most conducive to their transformation. It also ensures that they maintain the empowerment of choice and stay self-responsible throughout the process.

Client confidentiality is maintained and observed at all times and without exception. I ensure that no client information is shared without the client’s explicit consent or as required by law. I ensure that client records are stored securely and disposed of properly after the lawfully designated timeframe. Legal and contractual limits will be made clear to clients where appropriate.

Personal and Professional Development and Demeanor:

I honor the journey of my clients as I honor my own journey, and from this place, I am committed to my own transformational work through mentorship, developing personal skills, and pursuing professional opportunities for growth.

By engaging a high level of integrity in all aspects of my life, I stay in alignment with truth, honor, and uprightness. I commit to being true and authentic in upholding the highest professional standards and client care in my work.

I am committed to living a life of congruency to the three immutable laws. With the laws as my guidepost, my beliefs, values, and ethics are clear. This honoring of law and life provides a framework for my service that keeps me in clarity and enables me to serve my clients in the best possible way.

I aim for excellence in the level of service that I provide and the modalities that I use with my clients. This includes being clear with clients about the boundaries and behaviors necessary for their participation in the process and my own self-care pre and post sessions.

I commit to my own system's care with the remembrance that all is vibration and ‘as within so without.’ I choose to nurture and nourish myself daily through consciousness-raising practices as well as physical and emotional care. I know the most important care I can enact is to continue to meet my personal fears and encode my consciousness to the highest level of my capacity daily.

Professional Affiliations and Insurance:

  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

  • Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

  • Neurosculpting Institute

In keeping with the requirements of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Indemnity and Liability Insurance is always current and info can be provided as requested.